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Ketogenic Diet

Protein + Fat = Ketogenic Diet

As I’m reading through diet books for low-carb dieters, I’m learning more and more about a thing called ketosis.

To put it simply, it’s an internal state where your body begins to use fat instead of carbohydrates as it’s main form of fuel. Ketosis occurs once the glycogen stores in the liver are depleted.

Fitness competitors, bodybuilders, and the like usually know a lot about this subject.  That’s how they know how to manipulate their food intake in order to get the results they want.

So being that I’ve fallen a bit off of the Atkins bandwagon due to a crazy schedule, I was curious to know the fastest way to get back into ketosis.  On Atkins the process usually takes 2-3 days.

Here’s some information I found on the web:

Get into ketosis using this popular technique:

This method helps eliminate liver-glycogen stores rapidly. Follow this plan and you will get into ketosis in a flash.

Day 1: Do not eat anything after 6 p.m.

Day 2: In the morning before eating, perform a HIIT routine, another kind of intense exercise or weight training.

Start eating a ketogenic diet with 0 to 2% of calories from carbs.

Day 3: In the morning before eating, perform medium intensity, steady state exercises or weight training.

Continue eating low carb ketosis foods, allowing 5% of your total daily calories from carbs. (source:

Here’s also a video I found that’s quite informative about the subject.

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Day 4 Atkins – Atkins Products Save the Day!

Atkins Products Save the Day!Daily Recap:

To describe today in one word, it would be insane!

I was up early and worked late with very little time to prepare my usual meals.

Aside from breakfast (which was scrumptuous!) I had to rely on Atkins products to get me through the day and keep me on track.

In terms of net carbs (NC), I was totally on track, finishing the day at 18 g NC.

However when it came to getting enough net carbs from veggies, I missed the marked.

I only had about 1 g NC from fresh veggies today!

Oh  well, there’s always tomorrow and I’m definitely preparing my food for tomorrow before I go to bed.

In terms of noticeable changes, I feel my jeans getting loser and my waistband is far more comfortable on my work pants:)

I must admit, I’ve come to see Jell-O Sugar-Free snacks as lifesavers and a great 0 g carb food to fill in the gaps of the day.

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Food Diary:

Meal #1:

Spinach Cheesy Eggs

2 large eggs,

1/4 C. Kraft Naturals Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese (1 g NC)

1 C. fresh spinach & baby kale, fine chopped (1 g NC)

3 links Banquet Original Brown ‘n Serve Sausage (2 g NC)


Meal #2:

Atkins Advantage Frozen Meals – Crustless Chicken Pot Pie (5 g NC)


Meal #3:

Atkins Advantage Frozen Meals – Italian Sausage Primavera (5 g NC)


Meal #4:

6 links Banquet Original Brown ‘n Serve Sausages (3 g NC)

1 Atkins Advantage Ready-to-Drink Shake – Strawberry ( 1 g NC)



Today was another fabulous day doing yoga!

I really enjoy doing this in the mornings.

My ankle is feeling much better and I plan to add on some cardio tomorrow.

Signing off until tomorrow:)

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Day 3 Atkins – Optimum Day!!!

BreakfastDaily Recap:

Today was wonderful!  I started my day a little later than planned so therefore I started eating a little later than planned.

Due to that fact I ate more for my first meal including a higher protein intake.

I actually achieved (finally!) staying under the 20 grams of net carbs AND getting of those net carbs from vegetables.

I made this awesome roasted brussel sprout & chopped spinach salad.  Since some items were raw and some cooked, I call it a 50/50 salad. I’ll definitely get around to posting the recipe once I take the time to write down all the steps.

See the pics of my lovely salad below.

2014-03-03 21.07.28 50/50 Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Chopped Spinach Salad



Today I finally got up and did something!  Since I’m still rehabbing a strained ankle, I decided to do yoga.  I’m totally new to yoga, but a dvd that I enjoyed was Yoga Foundations with Travis Eliot.  It wasn’t too airy fairy or too abstract for someone new to the practice of yoga.

The instructor was calm, clear, and relaxing.  It was just challenging enough, I got a good stretch for my ankles (and the rest of my body), and I felt wonderful afterwards!

I’ll definitely be continuing with this yoga practice!

Signing off until tomorrow:)

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Day 2 Atkins – Energy Crash & A Bit of Thirst

energy crashWaking up this morning I felt great.

A little groggy, which I attributed to the overcast weather here in my fair city, but otherwise I felt great.

I wasn’t hungry, not overly so, but I was excited to eat breakfast at 8a.m.

So after a delicious breakfast of soft scrambled eggs with Boursin cheese (I’m seriously obsessed with this stuff) and a few links of sausage, drank my cup of hot green tea, and I was ready for the day!  I had an appointment from 12-4p.m. so I spent the rest of my morning tidying my place and getting ready for my appointment.

All was well until about 10:30a.m.

There were some scheduling changes and my appointment was cancelled, so when the waive of tiredness hit me, I headed back to bed.  I thought it was just a little nap I needed, so I decided to lay down for about 30 minutes.

The next time I opened my eyes, it was 2p.m.!!!!

I had a serious energy crash, but I’m sure glad it happened over the weekend.

When I got up at 2, I went and ate another meal, and drank about 40 oz. of water.

thirstyThe rest of my day went well after that.  Oh well, maybe this is just something that’s do to the body adjusting to the consumption of such a low amount of carbs.

The one thing I was a bit frustrated about today was my not consuming enough of my daily net carbs from vegetables.

I am happy to say that I did drink about 120 oz. of water today, but I find that I’m still thirsty?!

Signing off for now, wish me luck for tomorrow!

Oh, and I haven’t started to add exercise yet, that’s coming tomorrow as well!

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Day 1 Atkins – Menu Rewrite

Ok, so I’m here to let you know how my first day went!Atkins 30-Day Challenge

Actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I woke up early this morning and went to my local Wal-Mart to stock up on everything I would need.

Much of my shopping list was based upon the sample menu, I created yesterday.

That was all well and good until I realized that the sample menu I created WAS NOT within the guidelines of the Induction Phase!


In my defense, I did create the sample menu at about 3a.m. this morning and was only partially lucid from a particularly grueling week at work.

Anywho, I noticed my serious error when I tried to actually follow the menu today.

The problem with my original sample menu is that the net carbs (NC) for the day was about 13.6 g and I wasn’t taking in a sufficient amount of (12-15 g NC) from the foundation vegetables mentioned on the Atkins website.

With that error recognized, and easily rectified (since I had the correct vegetables on hand) I’ve created a revised sample menu.

Check it out!

Sample Atkins Phase I Menu
Breakfast Net Carbs
2 Eggs, large
3 Brown ‘n Serve Original Frozen Sausage Links 2 g
1 Tbsp. (28 g) Kraft Naturals Shredded Cheese 0.5 g
1 C. Herbal Tea
1 Atkins Advantage Shake 3 g
1 C. Herbal Tea
1 Sugar-Free Jell-O
Turkey or Beef  Soup
   -1 C. Low-Sodium Chicken Broth 1g
   -1/2 C. Water
   -1 C. Bok Choy 0.8 g
   -1 stalk celery, diced 0.8 g
   -6 oz. ground turkey or beef, sauteed
6 oz. ground turkey or beef, sauteed
1 C. Brussel Sprouts, roasted 9.6 g
1/2 C. Kale, roasted 2.4 g
2 Tbsp. Kraft Greek Vinaigrette with Feta Cheese OR
Kraft Blue Cheese Dressing OR
Kraft Caesar Italian Dressing
2 g
19.6 g NC
(13.6 g NC from foundation vegetables)

Atkins 30-Day ChallengeDaily Diary:

Drinking lots of water throughout the day greatly helped me retain a feeling of fullness, stay hydrated, and not have any cravings.

The only thing I noticed that was really strange was as serious case of the chills this morning after breakfast.  Now granted, it’s still Winter and I live in the northeast of the US, but I found that I couldn’t get warm no matter what this morning! I finally got sick of it after about an hour and took a hot shower to see if I could warm up.  It worked!

Other than that, nothing else wayward or strange occurred.

My energy levels are about the same as normal.

Chat with you tomorrow!

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31 Day Slimdown Challenge: Atkins Attack – Phase I Induction

Lose weight nowUhhh…This last month has been quite slow when it comes to me losing weight.

A few weeks ago, I had a bit of a slip & fall on a frozen cobblestone road while I was trying to get out of the way of an oncoming vehicle.  I have fast reflexes, so I fell backwards and was able to catch myself on my left hand.  But I felt something twist and clench in my right ankle.

It wasn’t bruised or broken, but a bit swollen and overextended.  I was able to move it in all directions, but it was painful!

All I did was ice it, elevate it and wear an ankle compression for about a week.

Next, I started doing yoga so I could get back into exercising.

So I’m about 3 weeks off track and struggling with getting back on track.

Therefore, I’ve decided to try Atkins.  I’ve heard good and bad things about this plan, but two things I really like:

  1. I can get quick results and
  2. Exercise isn’t mandatory

Since starting doing yoga to rehab my ankle, I’ve actually found some other benefits (like more control over my thoughts and emotions) so I really want to develop a daily yoga practice to see where this thing goes.

Being on a program where I won’t have to worry about exercise will really work well for someone trying to develop a yoga practice.

Also, I’m going to get some Ketosis strips to see when exactly my body actually enters that phase.

I’ll use my blog as an online daily journal to let you know how I feel and my progress.

Protein & VegetablesIf you’re familiar with the Atkins diet, then you know the first stage is Phase I Induction.  This is the extreme phase where the majority of the weight is lost.  It’s meant to be an initial two-week phase with a person staying on longer as they see fit.

You can only have 20 grams net carbs (meaning carbs minus fiber and/or sugar alcohols) in a single day.  It’s stated on the Atkins website that 12-15 grams of net carbs are to come from vegetables.  There’s alsoo a specific list of vegetables that best fit this stage.

Here’s the sample menu I’ve come up with:

Sample Atkins Phase I Menu
Breakfast Net Carbs
1 Egg, large
3 Brown ‘n Serve Original Frozen Sausage Links 1 g
2 Tbsp. (28 g) Kraft Naturals Shredded Cheese 1 g
1 C. Herbal Tea
1 Atkins Advantage Shake 3 g
1 C. Herbal Tea
1 Sugar-Free Jell-O
Turkey or Beef  Soup
   -1 C. Low-Sodium Chicken Broth 1g
   -1/2 C. Water
   -1 C. Bok Choy 0.8 g
   -1 stalk celery, diced 0.8 g
   -1/2 C. mushrooms, diced 1.2 g
   -6 oz. ground turkey or beef, sauteed
1 Atkins Meal 7 g
1 C. Broccoli, steamed 3.2 g
19 g NC

All I have to say is today I had fast food for dinner in preparation for the next 31 days of food shock my body will be in.

Wish me luck!


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