31 Day Slimdown Challenge: Atkins Attack – Phase I Induction

Lose weight nowUhhh…This last month has been quite slow when it comes to me losing weight.

A few weeks ago, I had a bit of a slip & fall on a frozen cobblestone road while I was trying to get out of the way of an oncoming vehicle.  I have fast reflexes, so I fell backwards and was able to catch myself on my left hand.  But I felt something twist and clench in my right ankle.

It wasn’t bruised or broken, but a bit swollen and overextended.  I was able to move it in all directions, but it was painful!

All I did was ice it, elevate it and wear an ankle compression for about a week.

Next, I started doing yoga so I could get back into exercising.

So I’m about 3 weeks off track and struggling with getting back on track.

Therefore, I’ve decided to try Atkins.  I’ve heard good and bad things about this plan, but two things I really like:

  1. I can get quick results and
  2. Exercise isn’t mandatory

Since starting doing yoga to rehab my ankle, I’ve actually found some other benefits (like more control over my thoughts and emotions) so I really want to develop a daily yoga practice to see where this thing goes.

Being on a program where I won’t have to worry about exercise will really work well for someone trying to develop a yoga practice.

Also, I’m going to get some Ketosis strips to see when exactly my body actually enters that phase.

I’ll use my blog as an online daily journal to let you know how I feel and my progress.

Protein & VegetablesIf you’re familiar with the Atkins diet, then you know the first stage is Phase I Induction.  This is the extreme phase where the majority of the weight is lost.  It’s meant to be an initial two-week phase with a person staying on longer as they see fit.

You can only have 20 grams net carbs (meaning carbs minus fiber and/or sugar alcohols) in a single day.  It’s stated on the Atkins website that 12-15 grams of net carbs are to come from vegetables.  There’s alsoo a specific list of vegetables that best fit this stage.

Here’s the sample menu I’ve come up with:

Sample Atkins Phase I Menu
Breakfast Net Carbs
1 Egg, large
3 Brown ‘n Serve Original Frozen Sausage Links 1 g
2 Tbsp. (28 g) Kraft Naturals Shredded Cheese 1 g
1 C. Herbal Tea
1 Atkins Advantage Shake 3 g
1 C. Herbal Tea
1 Sugar-Free Jell-O
Turkey or Beef  Soup
   -1 C. Low-Sodium Chicken Broth 1g
   -1/2 C. Water
   -1 C. Bok Choy 0.8 g
   -1 stalk celery, diced 0.8 g
   -1/2 C. mushrooms, diced 1.2 g
   -6 oz. ground turkey or beef, sauteed
1 Atkins Meal 7 g
1 C. Broccoli, steamed 3.2 g
19 g NC

All I have to say is today I had fast food for dinner in preparation for the next 31 days of food shock my body will be in.

Wish me luck!


photo credit: Alan Cleaver via photopincc

photo credit: rexipe via photopin cc


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