Day 2 Atkins – Energy Crash & A Bit of Thirst

energy crashWaking up this morning I felt great.

A little groggy, which I attributed to the overcast weather here in my fair city, but otherwise I felt great.

I wasn’t hungry, not overly so, but I was excited to eat breakfast at 8a.m.

So after a delicious breakfast of soft scrambled eggs with Boursin cheese (I’m seriously obsessed with this stuff) and a few links of sausage, drank my cup of hot green tea, and I was ready for the day!  I had an appointment from 12-4p.m. so I spent the rest of my morning tidying my place and getting ready for my appointment.

All was well until about 10:30a.m.

There were some scheduling changes and my appointment was cancelled, so when the waive of tiredness hit me, I headed back to bed.  I thought it was just a little nap I needed, so I decided to lay down for about 30 minutes.

The next time I opened my eyes, it was 2p.m.!!!!

I had a serious energy crash, but I’m sure glad it happened over the weekend.

When I got up at 2, I went and ate another meal, and drank about 40 oz. of water.

thirstyThe rest of my day went well after that.  Oh well, maybe this is just something that’s do to the body adjusting to the consumption of such a low amount of carbs.

The one thing I was a bit frustrated about today was my not consuming enough of my daily net carbs from vegetables.

I am happy to say that I did drink about 120 oz. of water today, but I find that I’m still thirsty?!

Signing off for now, wish me luck for tomorrow!

Oh, and I haven’t started to add exercise yet, that’s coming tomorrow as well!

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photo credit: M. Dolly via photopin cc
photo credit: Texas to Mexico via photopin cc


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