Day 3 Atkins – Optimum Day!!!

BreakfastDaily Recap:

Today was wonderful!  I started my day a little later than planned so therefore I started eating a little later than planned.

Due to that fact I ate more for my first meal including a higher protein intake.

I actually achieved (finally!) staying under the 20 grams of net carbs AND getting of those net carbs from vegetables.

I made this awesome roasted brussel sprout & chopped spinach salad.  Since some items were raw and some cooked, I call it a 50/50 salad. I’ll definitely get around to posting the recipe once I take the time to write down all the steps.

See the pics of my lovely salad below.

2014-03-03 21.07.28 50/50 Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Chopped Spinach Salad



Today I finally got up and did something!  Since I’m still rehabbing a strained ankle, I decided to do yoga.  I’m totally new to yoga, but a dvd that I enjoyed was Yoga Foundations with Travis Eliot.  It wasn’t too airy fairy or too abstract for someone new to the practice of yoga.

The instructor was calm, clear, and relaxing.  It was just challenging enough, I got a good stretch for my ankles (and the rest of my body), and I felt wonderful afterwards!

I’ll definitely be continuing with this yoga practice!

Signing off until tomorrow:)

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