62 Days to Change: Day 1 – Early Morning Clarity

Sleepless Night

This is how I felt after tossing & turning all night…not exactly in the mood to workout!

As I woke up this morning, I was more than a little annoyed that I had changed my alarm several times from 3 a.m., to 4 a.m., to 5 a.m. and still didn’t actually wake up until 6:40 a.m.!  Yes, I was a bit disappointed that on my first day on my journey to changing my habits that I overslept.

But  before I could begin mentally berating myself, I heard God speak to me (yes, I’m Christian and no I don’t mean I was hearing voices.  Anyone who’s also Christian that’s reading this will understand what I mean by that statement).  It was very clear revelation of many things:

  1. Start where you are, stop worrying about being in a “perfect place” to start
  2. You are what you repeatedly do, therefore success is simply a habit
  3. Don’t worry if you didn’t get up on time this morning, focus on what your ultimate objective is (which is to workout everyday) and don’t miss get caught up in the details

Once I took a moment to reflect upon those three statements, I understood exactly what God was trying to say to me.  For one, I’m a perfectionist.  This means if I don’t wake up as scheduled, I’d use that as a subconscious excuse not to workout that day!  I’m coming to the awareness of how much I’ve been engaging in this self-defeating habit.

Start Now!

No matter where you are, start NOW to make the necessary changes to live the life you want LATER!

Next the fact that we are what we repeatedly do made success suddenly seem like something within reach.  I thought about a simple example of someone who was out of shape and wanted to start working out.  I thought about if this person decided to start at just 10 minutes on a treadmill a day, wouldn’t they be at a different place in 30 days if they did that every day?

The answer came back to me as a resounding yes!  I could now see and understand that anything that I want to be successful at in life is just a matter of me forming the habit to work toward that goal every day.  This also includes getting in shape.

Lastly, I needed to get over my own ego and pride that I had woken up later than I wanted to and refocus on what my goal was.  It’s to develop of working out everyday.  So since at the moment I have the time to workout whenever I get up, I needed to shrug off the time I woke up, get my tush out of bed, and go workout!

And that’s exactly what I did!

I must admit I feel so much better now.  I decided to go with Turbo Jam:  Cardio Party, Mix 3.  I hadn’t done it in several months, but I was able to keep up and actually finish he workout!

All in all, day one has gone well so far.

Now I’m off to work on my study and business habits!

Chat with you tomorrow:)


Oh, here’s a short clip of Turbo Jam workouts.

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photo credit: Xerones via photopin cc
photo credit: zingersb via photopin cc



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