62 Days to Change: Day 9 – Staying Aware

Frustrating to Fruitful

Life is all about studying in one way or another. All of our studies should be fruitful instead of frustrating.

On this personal journey to change, I’m discovering how important staying aware of my thoughts & feelings, at all times, truly is!

I must admit overcoming my internal resistance to studying in a particular area as well as forming new habits has been more of a mental challenge than a physical one.  The old adage is true: Change is simple, but it isn’t necessarily easy.

Today I was determined to study for several hours for my professional certification, and to start I did something unheard of…I went back to the beginning of the book!

Yup, that’s right, I started re-reading the material from the very beginning of the book.  This was symbolic to me as being a fresh start and dealing with any anxiety I was experiencing while things were very simple.

It helped!

Is it a perfect solution, no, but it was helpful for me.

I started taking notes and creating acronyms to help me study from the table of contents which helped me to better plot my study strategy.

Now on to the workout, it was fantastic today and I felt good getting it in.

Yes, today was positive and I look forward to tomorrow being even better!

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photo credit: Pragmagraphr via photopin cc


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