62 Days to Change: Day 14 – Eating FAIL!


Yeah, I ate like 3 personal frozen pizzas today…I can’t really breath right now, ughh!

For some ridiculous reason I thought I could jump into an extreme diet program and be ok.

I was SOO WRONG!  The background story is that I tried to follow an eating protocol where I only eat four hours a day and my body is in a fasted state the remaining twenty hours of the day.  So being so sure I could handle it, I worked out this morning and had BSN Amino X every two hours afterwards until I broke my fast.  If you’re confused, I’m referring to information I learned in Dr. Sara Solomon’s Intermittent Fasting E-Book.

I decided 12-4p.m. would be a great time slot for me.

Guess what happened when noon hit…

Cheese Danish

Oh, but I recovered in time to also eat 2 cheese danishes (so hanging my head right now)!

I went HAM on my fridge!  I swear I ate everything in sight, even things that normally wouldn’t tempt me to that extent.  I ate a couple personal frozen pizzas, cheese danishes, the works.  In about 20 minutes, I had eaten myself into a mini food coma!

Now I’m not saying this eating protocol doesn’t work, but it’s not something you can jump into.

Anywho, I’m still in recovery from all the crap I ate today.

Better luck tomorrow:)

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photo credit: djwtwo via photopin cc
photo credit: Josh*m via photopin cc


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