26 Weeks To Change: Prelude to My NEW Journey

Fitness Inspiration

Yeah, I’m no where near this, but the picture inspires me:)

Ok, I know, I know.

New month, new journey.

Yes, It’s time for me to take stock of where I’m at and make conscious, consistent effort in order to get where I want to be.

I won’t lie, these past four months I’ve not been blogging have been terrible, diet wise…traveling with friends and partying in different cities isn’t really conducive to great eating habits.

It’s time to change all that!

Since the last time I’ve blogged my workout equipment repertoire has increased a  bit.  Since the treadmill bores me to tears and the elliptical machine causes too much thigh muscle bulk on me, I went with an air glider type machine.  I owned one when I was a teenager living at home many years ago and I always liked it so I decided to order another one.


Gazelle Glider 1

This is my new baby, the Gazelle Glider:)

Here's another view!

Here’s another view!


It’s a pretty nifty machine as you get a good sweat without impacting your knees OR causing that thigh muscle bulk and it’s quiet (most of the time).

Onwards to the rest of my “fitness equipment”…

Since I really want to mix it up, stay engaged and interested, I felt portable equipment was the best choice.

So far I’ve purchased a:

  • jump rope,
  • yoga mat,
  • yoga block,
  • weighted medicine ball,
  • resistance bands, and
  • free weights.
Workout Equipment

Here’s my “mini portable gym”.

Workout Equipment 2

I got all this equipment for under $100 at my local sporting goods store.

I’ll be coming up with a great mix of stuff every day.

Unlike before I will start S-L-O-W-L-Y this time so I can build a strong foundation of habits from which I can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Oh and just in case you’re wondering, I’m still going to incorporate my beloved Pilates this time too!



photo credit: CEBImagery.com via photopin cc


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