26 Weeks to Change – Day 3: It’s Time for A Break (Already)!

Working Out

This so should have been me today, but sadly it wasn’t 😦

Uhhh…this is frustrating.

I’m finding the hardest part of this challenge (so far) is my lack of ability to do what I want as much as I want.

Being out of shape sucks!

Ok I’m over my vent moment.  Now on to today’s topic…day 3.

Today was a rest day for me.

I hadn’t planned for it to be but my body (ankles, back, and abs to be more precise) where in absolute rebellion when I tried to put on my workout clothes. Needless to say I was in a foul mood all morning because of this.  I know I have to strengthen my muscle and build up my stamina in a safer more joint-friendly manner, so I’m going to start up with Pilates and yoga again tomorrow.

Check with you later!


photo credit: Chapendra via photopin cc


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