Understanding Food Cravings: Beating Silent Self-Sabotage

Sugar Cravings

Uhhh…sugar cravings are hideous self-sabotagers that hinder success!

This week in a word has been complicated.

From the minor ankle injury I suffered from doing intense workouts (I blame myself, not the workouts!), to ridiculous food cravings, I’m feeling a little exhausted.

So today I’ve decided to do some research on what my food cravings means and how to beat them.

See the chart below.

I’ve spent some time attempting to diagnose my own cravings.

Usually I crave:

  • Sweets
  • Chinese food (aka pasta, salty foods)
  • Fast Food (aka oily & fatty, salty foods)

Now I know what foods I can add more of to my diet in order to keep my cravings under control.

This will cause me to revamp some of my salad in a jar recipes as well as some of my green smoothie recipes.

I’ll keep you posted as I create new recipes!

Enjoy this cool video on fighting sugar cravings:)

photo credit: seibu1 via photopin cc


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