Green Smoothies 101

Green Smoothies will help you get to & maintain your ideal weight!This page is dedicated to the basics of green smoothies!

From the basic equipment you need to get started to great tips that will help you add them to your everyday diet for optimal health.

I’ll also archive my green smoothie recipes featured on this site by ‘health concern’ or sub-category to help you navigate a little easier.

Basic Tools & Equipment:

1) High-powered blender

*I recommend a blender that has at least 1,000 watts of power.  The average kitchen blender is between 350-600 watts of power, so you want to look around for something more powerful at a great price.  Check out my top picks below or check out eBay (often) to find great deals on new or mint high power blenders at reasonable prices.  You can splurge of a very expensive blender once you really get into green smoothies (such as when they become apart of your daily diet), but to start be reasonable about the investment you’re making.



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