Salad in a Jar 101

salad in a jar 1

Pictured here are two chickpea salads I made!

This page is dedicated to my new love…

Salad in a jar recipes!

I plan on incorporating these like I have my green smoothies into my diet and lifestyle.

Stay on the lookout for fab recipes.


The Basics:

Calorie Count

Before we put together our first salad, the first thing you want to decide is how many calories you want your salad to be.  A full-meal or dinner size salad is around 400-500 calories.  This is the size I always shoot for to ensure my salads are filling and a true meal.  (There’s no point in eating a measly salad, feeling hungry an hour later, then snacking on crap to compensate.)

The Right Dressing

Knowing the calorie range you want to stay in will help you make the best choice for dressings.  The dressing usually packs the most calories.  In my experience, vinaigrettes work best versus creamy dressings to give you the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to flavor and coating all the ingredients.

Dressings Under 100 cal. per 2 Tbsp.


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