26 Weeks to Change – Day 13: Yoga & Pilates Together!

Yoga + Pilates!

Yes! I did yoga and Pilates in the same workout session today:)

Today’s Workout:


Today was the first day (of hopefully many) that I was able to do a yoga and Pilates workout during the same session!

I did the Pilates first.  That’s because it’s more like a traditional workout with the focus being on toning the body and muscle control.

Next I moved on to the yoga workout, where I got the mind-body connection to focus and quiet the mind.

In a word, I felt amazing afterwards.

My goal is to stay with this type of program and see where that leads me, mentally and physically.

Off to another crazy day, check in tomorrow!


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26 Weeks to Change – Day 10: Success (& Failure) All in the Same Day

Yoga 3

Doing Yoga: This was the good part of my day…

Have you ever had one of those days where you did something really great and then something really not so great?

Today was that day for me.  Let me explain.

I was feeling like a rockstar (and my right ankle is already starting to feel a little better) because today was my third day of yoga.

Last night, I finally decided to sort through my yoga dvd’s and make a workout schedule.

This will help me stay on track and actually do a yoga workout everyday.

Just in case you’re wondering, here’s what my yoga library looks like as of today:

Now if you’re reading this you may be wondering “how do you have all those yoga dvd’s and you’re a beginner?”  The answer is I went through a “yoga phase” earlier in the year where the thought of doing yoga sounded really good.  I bought all of the above dvd’s but didn’t actually ever do any of them.  Thus I’m a beginner yogi!

Onward to equipment…

In order to do yoga, you need a couple essentials to start.  To avoid spending lots of money on each piece of equipment I would potentially need, I also purchased the Gaiam Beginner’s Yoga Starter Kit.  This kit comes with a yoga mat, block and strap plus a Rodney Yee dvd.  He’s a great yoga instructor as well and one of the most popular here in the US.

Today’s workout was the Yoga Foundations with Travis Eliot – class 1.  It lasted about 45 minutes total and was very relaxing.  The goal I set for the workout was to remain focused and as “in the moment” as possible.  This was the toughest part of the workout…keeping my mind still, calm, and focused is something I definitely need to work on.

This was the stellar part of my day!

Now on to the not so wonderful part.

fast food-mcdonald's

Succumbing to the shininess of the golden arches: that was the not so good part of my day

I had to go grocery shopping today and went around noon.  I’d made a list to ensure I could get in and out as quickly as possible.

When I parked my car in the lot, I was ready to get what I needed and be done.

Sounds like I was ready doesn’t it?

I was…except for the fact that I went to the store hungry.

A big no-no when you’re trying to watch what you eat.

I was so focused on my list, I made it in and out of the grocery store unscathed.  The issue came when I was pulling out of the lot and spotted a McDonald’s.


Yeah, I caved.  I went to the drive-through and ordered a chicken sandwich wrap (grilled) and a soda.

No, not the worst I could have done, but I’m certainly not too happy with myself at the moment.

After returning home, unloading the groceries, and putting everything away, I was nearly salivating for what I’d gotten at the fast food place.  I scarfed down the sandwich and soda in record time and then felt terrible afterwards.  However, I’m not about to dwell on it.  I decided to write down the three (3) things I can do differently next time so I won’t find myself in the same predicament again.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1) Ensure you eat before you go grocery shopping

2) With every meal, ensure there’s enough protein and fiber to trigger satiety

3) Drink more water after workouts (and throughout the day) to ensure thirst isn’t triggering “false hunger”

Trust me, these are things I know to do, I just failed to do them today.  I’m going to stop beating myself up about it and simply move on.

Chat with you tomorrow.

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62 Days to Change: Day 4 – It’s About Focus…NOT About How You Feel!

Tap into Focus!

Screw how you feel…tap into your mind and practice focus!

This morning I woke up around 9 a.m. after a fitful night of sleep.

I spent more than my allotted hour working on my daily writing habit (hint: I aspire to become an author one day) and went to bed late (again!).

Anywho, when I decided it was time to drag myself from my comfy bed, I went and took my pre-workout supplement and did my 20 minutes of visualization.

After changing into my workout clothes and popping in my contacts, I was off to another vigourous workout session!

During the first workout, which was abs and lasted about 10 minutes, I noticed I was feeling groggy and didn’t really feel like working about.

Fitness QuoteShaking that feeling off, I proceeded to my next workout, which was 50 minutes of kickboxing-style cardio–Turbo Jam: Cardio Party, Mix 3 again.

Within about 5 minutes I could already feel a sense of dread that I was not going to be able to finish.

But I refused to let that feeling stop me!

I prayed to God for strength and energy, and got a marvelous revelation.

My consistency and commitment to working out has nothing to do with how I was feeling!

You see I quickly understood that being tired is a physical limitation that you have to hit and surpass in order to tap into your own internal abilities of focus.

Being physically tired while doing this intense program really forced me to focus all of my attention & internal conversation on keeping good form, breathing, encouraging myself, etc.

Fitness Quote 2

This is my new mantra…it takes focus to get to this place!

The great news is I made it through the workout and I had great form until the end!

This got me to thinking about the whole matter of focus.  In recent months, I’ve noticed my own ability to focus has been greatly weakened by the stresses and turmoil that were going on in my everyday life.  With that thought in mind I’ve decided to use my time during physical exercise everyday to also practice regaining my focus and concentration…a skill I greatly need while struggling to study for some professional certifications.

Well that’s all I have for today, check with you tomorrow!

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62 Days to Change: Day 3 – Fighting Internal Turmoil


Yay, I’m no where near this, but I thought the pic looked good, lol!

Today I had a serious struggle to wake up and workout.

I think I woke up every 30 to 60 minutes between about 5a.m. and 8a.m.

This getting up early thing is tough, but it’s made me realize the hardest thing many of us have to overcome when we’re trying to break free of old habits is ourselves.

Anyway, I finally woke up at 8a.m., praying to God for strength the entire time, and went to my kitchen to take my pre-workout supplement.

Since it takes between 15-30 minutes to kick in, I used that time to change into my workout clothes and do a 15 minute visualization of me with my perfect body.

By the time I came out of my visualization I was excited and ready to workout.

I must admit working out is getting a little easier.

I did notice some times during my workout today where I was fatigued and bored.

With that in mind, I’ll be coming up with a few variations of what I can do on non-cardio days.  The yoga workout was surprisingly challenging (I’m new to yoga, so this is from a beginner’s perspective) in that the pace was fast and I end up sweating quite a bit by the end of the workout.


Frustrated studying

Overwhelm & disgust…two emotions I felt keenly at my failed attempt to study this morning.

Now here’s where my challenge has come in.

I’m attempting to study for one of the professional exams I want to take and found myself unable to focus for more than 5 minutes!

The problem really is this, I absolutely loathe and despise my current career (the one on which I’m currently on a health sabbatical from), so I have a monumentous battle raging on the inside of me every time I go to study for one of the exams to go further in that career.  My head tells me it’s the logical choice so when I resume working I am more of a qualified applicant.  But my heart (which I wish would really cooperate with me on this!) is in absolute rebellion on this.

The result was that I end up closing the books after only reading for about 5 minutes and had a good cry/vent session with myself.

Is this normal?

I’m trying so hard to do what I think I’m suppose to be doing, but I absolutely hate every aspect of it.  Honestly, because my motivations have nothing to do with career, I’m just trying to numb myself to the fact that I have to get this certification and study!  My emotions won’t let me.  Because I’m determined to do this, I’ll try again later on today once I’ve calmed down.

It’s being disappointing to have to fight yourself so hard on something.

Ah well, this is my struggle.

Signing off until tomorrow.

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