26 Weeks to Change – Day 15: Yoga, Pilates & Dizziness?!


Um, doing too much too soon with yoga & Pilates has left me a bit…dizzy!

Today’s Workout:

I guess I used today to kind of make up for shorter yoga sessions that I had this week. Truthfully, I’m not sure if that was the best idea as I feel a little lightheaded and some stiffness in my lower back.  Lesson learned: you cannot make up for missed workouts!  Oh well, I know what not to do again.

I’m not letting this stress me out, I’ll simply take it in stride and do something different tomorrow.  Today is also a wonderful day because I go to see my doctor about my ankle and (hopefully) get a good report.

Check in with you tomorrow!


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62 Days to Change: Day 17 – Re-evaluation of Priorities

Fat Meal

Meals like these have made my life miserable this past week!

Today was a day of absolute reflection.

Even though today was my 6th consecutive day of working out (yay!) – which is really an accomplishment for me since it’s something I haven’t done IN OVER A YEAR!!!

Yeah, that’s right, I’m definitely making some changes internally that are showing signs in the physical.

Now for the bad news…

Since my eating has been completely horrible for the past week, I also realized I’ve gained weight over the past week!

It seems that the HIIT Jump Rope Training that I’ve been doing is a double-edge sword.  At least in my case, I’ve found that it causes weight-gain if you do it and eat a high-carb diet.  Therefore I’m going to try to still do the HIIT Jump Rope Training next week, except I’ll be following a low-carb diet (a la Atkins Phase 1) eating plan.

I think then I’ll start to get the results I’m after.

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62 Days to Change: Day 10 – Nothing New

Today’s update is quick as I’m super busy and a little frantic, but all is well.

Definitely will have a better update tomorrow:)

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